November 08, 2017
Well equipped for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents both uncertainty and an opportunity. This is because, when a business implements Industry 4.0, it means both a change to organizational structures and in workflows. However, once the first step has been taken it has far-reaching positive effects on the entire value added chain, the business models and the way work is organised. Production processes and delivery chains are more efficient thanks to the networking of machines, and material costs and energy consumption are also reduced significantly. 

Modularisation – particularly in the field of electrotechnical functions – is an important stage within Industry 4.0 and it works towards greater standardisation yet at the same time greater individualisation. LQ Mechatronik-Systeme builds switchgear cabinets, focussing on the production of modular cabinets. Modular platforms combine components to form functional assemblies and assign defined input, output and software interfaces to each of these assemblies. This reduces the number of different parts used in the switchgear cabinet and keeps amount of effort required for procurement and warehouse management to a minimum. “Mechanical and plant engineers can provide a more flexible and rapid response to specific customer requests, new developments on the market or changed requirements if they use functional groups,” explains José Quero, LQ's Managing Director.