Are you interested in simplifying complete systems of LQ, which makes the job easier, better and more economical? With LQ Mechatronik-Systeme GmbH you have a competent partner.

Besigheim, Germany
Sybille Schwarz _Head of Marketing
T +49.7143.9683-20  _F +49.7143.9683-99
Andreas Klotz _Head of Sales
T +49.7143.9685-25  _F +49.7143.9683-99
Silvia Schneider _Head of Purchase
T +49.7143.9683-32  _F +49.7143.9683-98
Simone Dürr _Human Resources
T +49.7143.9683-72  _F +49.7143.9683-97
Branford, USA
Hans-Elmar Kessler _Executive Vice President
T +1.203.433.4430
Gruesch, Switzerland
Thomas Hergert _Chief Executive Officer
T +41.81.35420-00  _F +41.81.35420-09
Taicang, China
Sven Mauder _General Manager
T +86.512.536361-61  _F +86.512.536361-07
Weizhang Chen _Managerin Sales and Purchasing
T +86.512.536361-61  _F +86.512.536361-07